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One of the most difficult things to deal with in the criminal justice system is the aftermath of a conviction. Facing imprisonment, large fines, probation, and even death penalty can be challenging for your entire family, and the effects can last your entire life. Fortunately, by working with Stephen A. Strickland, Attorney at Law, you can appeal your conviction and have someone take a fresh look at your case. We have more than 20 years of experience as a trusted Birmingham criminal defense law firm, working closely with our clients to take new approaches and locate key evidence that can result in your conviction being overturned.

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Although the criminal justice system is set up to provide all individuals charged with crimes a fair trial, it doesn’t always work out that way. Judges, juries and prosecutors are human and prone to human error. As a result, many innocent people are convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit in the first place.

If this has happened to you, a criminal law firm in Birmingham can work on your behalf to get your conviction reversed through a state or federal appeals process. There are a number of things we look for when attempting to appeal your conviction, including:

Errors during your original trial. If your first trial had evidence excluded that would likely have changed jurors’ minds, we argue that it should be admitted and used to support your defense. On the other hand, if evidence was used against you that was illegally obtained, we seek to have it disqualified in your appeal.

Misconduct. In some cases, prosecutors make mistakes or engage in unethical conduct during your original trial. If that happened to you, we seek a new trial.

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